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Clutter taking over? Junk OnDemand streamlines the messiest of situations with our efficient junk removal. Experience no-nonsense pricing and eco-friendly disposal, all while reclaiming your space with ease.

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What do we do with your unwanted items?

We donate, recycle and repurpose up to 70% of the items we collect. Everything else is responsibly disposed of at a licensed area landfill. 

How much does it cost?

Our rates start at $125. We have volume-based pricing so that means you only pay for the amount of space your items take up in our truck. 

Junk Removal Chicago Area

Experience the Junk OnDemand Difference

Junk OnDemand is renowned for its dependable and professional junk removal service, dedicated to promptly clearing out clutter of all sizes so you can reclaim your space. The company handles everything from a single decluttering task to extensive commercial junk disposals with the same commitment.

Contacting Junk OnDemand couldn’t be easier—whether by phone at (331) 3332788, via email at, or through their online inquiry form. They have a committed customer support team standing by to facilitate an effortless and straightforward junk removal process for every client. 

The Junk Removal Process Simplified

Eliminating unwanted items and clearing out space can seem overwhelming, but with Junk OnDemand’s streamlined process, it becomes a stress-free task. Simply initiate the process by contacting us—through phone, email or our web-based inquiry form—for a no-cost estimate or to pencil in your junk removal appointment. Following that initial step, our proficient team will handle every aspect of the job including hauling away your junk and conducting a thorough clean-up so that you’re left with an uncluttered environment.

We are committed throughout each stage to transport your belongings responsibly and securely ensuring they are treated with respect while under our care. Our aim is to deliver hauling services marked by efficiency without any complications for tasks such as:

  • Property clear-outs

  • Charitable contributions

  • Eco-friendly recycling endeavors

  • Swift eradication of unnecessary clutter

Ultimately, we strive towards one objective: facilitating the return of free space back into your life in an uncomplicated manner while helping you sort through office furniture necessities seamlessly.

Scheduling and Booking

Arranging a junk removal service through Junk OnDemand is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you opt to schedule your appointment using our online system, make a phone call, or text one of our junk specialists, we’ve simplified the process for your ease. Recognizing the importance of time efficiency, we’re proud to offer same-day services for removing your unwanted items. For those who prefer minimal contact, take advantage of our curbside pickup option, which comes with a price reduction.

Our dedication to exceptional customer service also includes accessibility across multiple channels. Feel free to connect with us via telephone, email or utilize our web-based inquiry form for all booking inquiries and assistance required. Delay no more—organize your removal needs with us now and trust in our commitment to taking care of everything thereafter.

Pickup and Hauling

At Junk OnDemand, our goal is to deliver a seamless and comprehensive junk removal service that eliminates any inconvenience for you. Our skilled team manages all the heavy lifting with both efficiency and affordability in mind. When we reach your premises, an initial estimate of the junk removal cost is provided—including quotes for disposing appliances and clearing away various kinds of debris like construction materials. The cleanup services only commence after you give us the green light to ensure that you maintain control throughout the entire process. For trustworthy and efficient junk hauling services in Chicago, look no further than Junk OnDemand.

Once your items have been removed by our professionals, they are then taken to our sorting facility where each piece is carefully sorted for donation or recycling purposes. This practice underscores our commitment to environmentally responsible disposal methods while extending beyond conventional debris extraction services. Showcasing how we strive not just for excellence in removing junk, but also care about what happens next. 

Responsible Disposal

At Junk OnDemand, our mission extends beyond simply clearing out your unwanted items to also encompass a strong environmental responsibility. When we haul away your junk, it’s taken directly to the nearest landfill site, transfer station, or recycling facility where it will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Our process involves meticulously sorting through the collected materials and separating them into categories such as paper, plastic glass, and metals. This careful segregation helps optimize recycling efforts.

In doing so, not only do we help with disposing of hazardous waste and bulky appliances like washing machines properly, but we also ensure that each item is managed correctly to minimize its impact on landfills. Our practices support both reclaiming valuable space for you while simultaneously aiding in preserving our planet by reducing waste. 

Transparent Pricing and Exceptional Customer Service

Junk OnDemand prides itself on a transparent pricing strategy for our junk removal services, prioritizing affordability and integrity. This means you’ll encounter no unexpected hidden costs with us. Secure an initial quote easily by using our online reservation system to schedule your junk removal needs. 

As a locally owned business, we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service at Junk OnDemand. We strive to deliver an effortless process devoid of any unforeseen issues because we consider your satisfaction with our service fundamental throughout the entire experience.

Upfront and Honest Pricing

At Junk OnDemand, our dedication lies in engaging in clear and straightforward pricing conversations with each client. We stand firm on the principle of transparency, guaranteeing that there are no concealed charges. For a more accurate cost estimate, we recommend customers compile a comprehensive list of items they wish to discard.

Knowing the full extent of expenses upfront helps you make informed financial plans and makes the entire junk removal process smoother for you. Ultimately, your attention should be on reveling in your newly cleared space rather than being preoccupied with unexpected costs. 

Customer Satisfaction

At Junk OnDemand, customer satisfaction is a top priority. To guarantee their satisfaction, we have instituted a policy where fees are applied only after you give your consent. The feedback from those who have used our services has consistently highlighted the punctuality, amiability, and proficiency of our service.

Our reputation for rapid response times stands as testimony to our dedication to serving the community. Our unwavering focus on providing speedy assistance guarantees that your experience with junk removal is expedited and free from undue stress.

Junk Removal Tips and Tricks

Efficient junk removal is more than just collecting and disposing of items; it’s about organization and mindful disposal. Sorting your belongings into categories aids in efficiently utilizing junk removal services, saving you time and effort. One useful method is the ‘Four-Box Method’ where you categorize items into:

  • ‘Keep’

  • ‘Donate’

  • ‘Trash’

  • ‘Unsure’

It’s also beneficial to tackle one room at a time, allowing for concentrated efforts and a more manageable decluttering experience. Targeting areas prone to accumulating junk, like closets and basements, will improve the overall junk removal operation. These tips and tricks can help make your decluttering process more efficient and less overwhelming. 

Sorting and Organizing

Prior to the arrival of your Junk OnDemand pickup crew, organizing your items into distinct categories is advised. These key classifications typically consist of ‘keep,’ ‘discard,’ and ‘donate.’’ To refine the sorting process, you may introduce a ‘Sell’ category to evaluate how much value each item contributes to your existence. 

Pre-arranging items into specific groups ahead of time significantly streamlines the junk removal process. This organizational step not only enables you to pinpoint which belongings are no longer essential, but also simplifies their subsequent disposal while simultaneously facilitating decisions regarding potential donations, sales opportunities, or recycling options.

Junk Removal Chicago Area

Donating and Recycling

Prior to arranging for your junk removal with Junk OnDemand, contemplate repurposing any clothes and home goods you no longer need. Before offering them up for donation, ensure they remain in a condition that others can use. Donations not only support those in need, but also cut down the volume of waste populating landfills.

Embrace the practice of upcycling to decrease waste accumulation—this applies notably to yard debris. Through imaginative reuse or “upcycling,” not only are you reducing contributions to landfills, but your items gain an individualized flair as well. Your efforts towards donating and recycling go beyond merely tidying up your space. They’re acts toward eco-friendliness on a broader scale. For instance:

  • Craft tote bags out of old t-shirts

  • Transform glass jars into handy organizers

  • Convert wooden pallets into statement furniture pieces

  • Create bulletin boards from wine corks

Challenge yourself by identifying potential projects around your residence for revamping old furnishings through creative means!


In summary, Junk OnDemand transcends the typical junk removal process. We pride ourselves on being a client-focused enterprise that delivers prompt and professional services aimed at helping you take back your space. Our transparent pricing ensures that there are no unforeseen charges to consider. We are dedicated to eco-friendly disposal methods, ensuring all items we remove are treated with respect for our environment. We arm you with useful advice to optimize your experience during the service of removing junk. Do not hesitate—reach out now and discover the exceptional service offered by Junk OnDemand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For inquiries and to arrange services, Junk OnDemand is reachable via phone at (331) 3332788 or email at Their online contact form can be utilized for communication purposes.